About Me

A whole page, just about me. Well I guess I should start with my name which is Andrea. But many people call me Andy, Dre or Drea. I married the perfect man for me and I am a proud mama of three fur babies, a dog and two cats. We do plan on having some human babies sometime soon.

I am pretty extroverted. My husband will say that there are no strangers in my world, just people I have not met yet. I must have a friendly face because people will just start talking to me wherever I go. I love to share my opinions and to encourage people to be the best version of themselves and to try new things. While I am generally regarded as happy and easy going, I have a stubborn streak, way more than a mile wide, and a love of having things my way. I like to say I am a beautiful mess of contradictions but in the best possible way.

I am a self professed beauty junkie. Make up, skin care, and hair care, I love it all. Funny thing is I was a bit of a tom boy growing up and I don’t wear make up every day. I believe there are not wrong ways to make up and if you like it and feel beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you different. Confidence is the best beauty accessory.

I love to travel. To me, travel can be going to a city close to me or going to a new country. Any adventure that takes me out of my normal “habitat”. My favorite though is going anywhere I have not been before. I love discovering new places.

I love shopping and sale, discount, and promo codes are my trigger words. Lol… my husband likes to call me a super shopper because I am always on the hunt for the best deal for the items I want.

I love to listen to music of all kinds and sing, sometimes loudly and in languages I may or may not know how to speak, and while ears don’t bleed while listening to me, no one has been accused of encouraging me to sing. I love to read but I don’t read much anymore.

I get lost in books and I won’t emerge until I have finished the book and often that will mean, cooking and cleaning and other must do items, don’t get done. So as much as I love reading a good book, I reserve it for vacations.

I love to cook and to bake. I definitely like to eat. I also like to workout. I enjoy strength training and leg day is my favorite day of the week. I have been managing my energy horribly and have been eating more than I should and not working on my fitness enough. I am working on adjusting that.

I love to laugh and create memories. There is so much to me that just won’t fit on this page. I look forward to getting know you and letting you in on all of my quirks. Talk to you soon.

Love, Drea